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You are invited to join us for the 2019 ACCA Conference, November 24-26, at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa at the Convention Center in Montgomery.

VictoriaPerry_2019ACCAPresidentIn recent years, the Alabama Community College Association has shared the individual stories of those in the Alabama Community College System. We have expounded on the vital and fundamental role that the System plays in impacting Alabama's future. This year, our emphasis is on how our System is so crucial to the success of our students. Our motivation is to create tools which inspire ACCA's membership to develop our students into achievers, completers, and producers. To provide focus on this goal, the ACCA Executive Committee has selected "Charting a Path to Student Success" as this year's conference theme.

A student's path begins the day he or she commits to their education and future. When a student begins that path, we must not create a maze for them, but rather a strategic and highly student-centered roadmap. Our System is focused on each component within the educational pathway to ensure successful matriculation. Let us commit to this success by providing the appropriate assistance through developing our skills as educators. Whether it be honing our skills through advising, elevating the college experience, or developing skilled workers for the workforce, we stand firm in the commitment to assist our students find a successful path for them to successfully navigate the unchartered waters that lead to a bright future.

This year, the Alabama Community College Association will continue to provide professional growth opportunities for all system-wide employees. The culmination of these opportunities is the ACCA Conference. Please save the dates of November 24 through 26 for an exciting time. Continue to check here on the ACCA website for additional information about how you can get involved in ACCA and the conference.

Your involvement in ACCA is key to the success of our goals this year. The Alabama Community College System, with its dedicated employees, is well equipped with the knowledge and commitment to provide our students a charted path to success.

Dr. Victoria Perry, ACCA President

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